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How does we work the magic?

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Find Where to Stay!

You know best of which place is the best for you to stay. And you know what best for your lifestyle and commuting how do you start a conclusion paragraph methods. We have it all covered with our great extensive search feature. What's more, all listing is only available listing!
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Contact us and make deposit payment!

Once you contacted us and paid the sum deposit, the key to your room is definite! No one else can grab that from you. Each month, you will be paying rental automagically by our invoicing system!

Step 3
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Have peace of mind

And perhaps make more money referring to your friends! What a great way to pay essay writer for your rent without breaking your wallet. Psst! Don't tell everyone.

Things has change. It’s time.

We all know that it is time for change for everyone, by suppoting us (renting with us) you will yourself inderectly support our innovative idea on assisting people find best place for their stay. We change how people live their life and perhaps create a better lifestyle for everyone. Follow us in Instagram or be part of the team!

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popular questions

Need more clarification? We have it covered.

Is the price shown are exactly price to be paid monthly?

Yes of course. We hate anything hanky panky! Only secure the bed by putting the said deposit, sign our online agreement and voila! All done!

Can I know my roomate details?

Of course you do. We can help you mediate with your new roomates / housemate to get more knowledge of everyone living with you.

Can I stay with my partner?

We are sorry but Muslim Room Kl does not support that. But you can find best stay to recuperate with your loved ones in! We never allow any contrasting gender to access the premise even your younger brother. Because safety and comfort is our utmost priority! 

Do you own all the listing?

Yes, all listing is owned and managed by Muslim Room Kl. But not all property is owned by us. Despite that, we are the party that will assist you on your rights as tenant and assist the home owner rights. So everyone wins.

How do I terminate my rental?

It is very easy to terminate your rental with us and spare the room or bed to someone else who deserves best. After minimum of 3 months stay, you are free to change to different premise without your deposit being forfeited. 

I have a property to list, how can I do that?

What a wonderful offer, we welcome home owners to list and work with us and maximize your rental without having to struggle all managerial part of these processes. Contact us today!

How can we work together?

Planning to grow with us? Why not. We welcome fresh new ideas and happy to work with more partners. Contact us for more information.

How can I set appointment to interview MuslimRoomKl

We hope we are not dreaming aren't we? We welcome all medias to be in touch with us and we will assist at our best to develop and curate the content needed for your readers.

Who is behind Muslim Room Kl anyway?

We are a registered company under Nest Premium Stay Sdn Bhd and have vast experience in property management, negotiations and training.

Is there vacancy in your company?

At the moment, we are not hiring new talents. But do write to us at to try your luck!

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