Young people are integrating well and are enforcing growing in comparison with foreign adversaries.

Now that Piatek and Paqueta have enriched the Milan goal and imagination by Champions, for the decisive accelerated Gattuso would serve Suso of the first part of the season, a player almost always decisive, able to spread nets (4) and assists (7 , the better) along the way Rossoneri in the league. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV alternatives – Sunday night, from the Olympic belly, just Rino photographed the moment the Spaniard: “There has been training continuously, there is that when you stand still you have to find the rhythm game.

In the first half we were not good to put us in a position, but Jesus suffered physically. ” And physical problems, judging by the type of injury, could continue for a long time. That’s why a lot will change from management Gattuso and his staff will make the Spaniard.

Regardless of the form, the alternatives are called Borini, used predominantly on the left, and Castillejo, natural substitute of Jesus for technical characteristics: left-handed like him, prefer to move to the right as to the Villarreal times even if Gattuso has used on both bands . So far the results have been erratic, but never so positive to undermine the Calabrian technician at the time of the choices. At this point, after the first months of acclimatization in Italy and Milan, Samu is called a turning point: if the problems were to push Suso Jesus still on the bench, that way we would need to inventions and assists.

Piatek, which to date has turned gold three balls came from the center-left, just waiting. Marco Fallisi

December 16, 2018 – Milan’s disappointment Paltrinieri Gregory, 24, the arrival of the 1500 lapresse mocked but big, strong and brave, beaten in the last fifty meters. After 60 tanks amazing intensity, the turn of the last bath, the Ukrainian Mikhailo Romanchuk won the 1,500 on Gregory Paltrinieri, which turned after the touch, throws the anger headphones. Losing hurts so, but it should not be criticized nothing compared to the second best performance in history.

Gregory is the world’s third consecutive podium of the World Short Course. Today in Hangzhou, China, gave another proof of his greatness, confirming the podium, swimming in form and without reproach nothing if the opponent, rising and two years live slot toto younger (24 vs.

22 years), he skewered cunningly simply using its strategy and that made the race on the opponent. the race – Gregory hand shot, passes to 400 meters in an impressive way of 3’43 “01, Romanchuk accelerates in the first 500 to be in line with Greg. Apparently it took the blue but not flustered and half traveling under his world record of 1 “in 7’31” 01. The Ukrainian gives few meters, 900 meters is 1 “69.

At a thousand meters below the record margin drops to 69 cents: the average drops to 28 “8 to tank. It shortens the stroke and the passage is no longer record, but above the limit realized in Netanya in 2015. In 1200 is 11’23 “02 with a margin of 89 cents to manage. In 1200, in Budapest in 2017, Greg greeted the Ukrainian standings for confirmation. At 1350 meters the gap drops to 54 cents.

In 1400, however, it goes to 70 cents. It ‘a spasmodic question and remarries, stroke after stroke: at 59 cents at 1450 meters. overtaking – but the last tank is made overtaking and Ukrainian triumphs in 14’09 “14 championship record: Greg save the record and yields of 73 cents after a race of extraordinary generosity.

And ‘silver still like to Windsor in 2016 but after a flawless performance in the presence of a rival who has exploited the fatigue and the trail of Olympian, author of 14’09 “87. Bronze is the Norwegian Henrik Christiansen in 14’19 “39 and the French oak David Aubry in 14’23” 44 with Czech Jan Micka, other blue knowledge in Ostia, sixth in 14’27 “73. For the student Stefano Morini remains another company in an already impressive career.

E ‘missed his fourth world gold, but the podium is always there, it is still there. speaks greg – Greg’s words, that the passage of 800 has also stamped the Italian record in 7’30 “31 (previous Federico Colbertaldo 7’31” 18 in Manchester 19-12-2009): “On one hand I’m happy why I not approached the world record since I established. It ‘a supertime. I am heartened and transmits safety in relation to the work I’m doing.

I needed it because the Europeans arrived last summer I was in good shape, but I could not prove it because I got sick. The end result obviously annoys me. I think I could win.

Probably in the middle phase I did not believe us enough. I do not say that I have been content, indeed. I pulled from start to finish. I showed up on the bad block, fierce, determined as ever. I set the race as I wanted, but in the middle phase probably I was afraid to pull too much force and lose energy.

I could be more daring, and I’ve never been afraid. I missed safety. I believe that if I pushed even further to around 600 meters would have killed the race. I would have given five seconds. Since I did not have a crisis in the hereafter, I should try.

Instead I stuck a couple of seconds and is able to move up. Then the sprint I know that it has more than me. I had to unplug it before. ” Disqualification – The Chinese World end with the incredible medal of mixed 4×100 of the blue that, fourth in the water after a great recovery by Federica Pellegrini, get on the podium for the disqualification of the Australian quartet.

So one bronze to finish off, jogging 7 Windsor medals without gold medals (in 2016 it was Faith to triumph in the 200m freestyle). A third place in 3’51 “38 (Italian record improved and that belonged Aniene in 3’52” 88 Aniene from 15-4 in Riccione) and the fourth left Japan (3’51 “81), behind the US gold with championship record in 3’45 “58, and China from 3’48” 80.

With these fractions: Margherita Panziera 58 “39 to the back, Martina Carraro frog to 1’04” 47, Elena Di Liddo 56 “and 41 Federica Pellegrini 52” 11, third fastest lap time in absolute behind the 51 “76 of the Chinese Zhi Menghui and 51 “31 of the American Comerford. For Faith is also the 50th career international medal in over 30 years has run also donated haunted medal. Daring.

He did not give up when he saw Italy in the rear, believed and also a fourth place in the relay can always become Bronze: Australia was in fact disqualified for 0.06 irregular break in the butterfly breaststroke change by Emily Seebohm . “It closes a fantastic world – said Carraro, already bronze in the 50 breaststroke, fourth in the 100 and author of five Italian record – This medal we all lie right. I am very happy for the team. ” Faith adds: “I am very happy for the operation and personally because I won the 50th career international medal.

This time we had a little ‘luck in life always serves. I’m happy to go home with a medal and with the mascot. I’m glad the race week. I rectum all rounds of competition at the same pace.

Of the 200 who do not swam for a year and a half. Of 4×200 that is returning. We have a good team. Young people are integrating well and are enforcing growing in comparison with foreign adversaries. ” Panziera the Speaker, the first World Championship podium: “I’m sorry to have worsened the time of the batteries, but I gave everything I had. s happy to have companions strong enough to recover what I had left lane.

Then a bit of luck to win the first world medal of his career. We hope bodes well for the future. ” Even Di Liddo recovers from failure to medal in the 100m dolphin: “Unfortunately I suffered much fatigue of a busy week and the excitement of play in a World Cup Final starting from the middle lane – tells the 25-year-Bisceglie, Continental bronze long course – I was motivated, but I could not repeat myself. While in the relay received a beautiful medal, he wanted at all costs, and a bit ‘lucky.

But we always believed. ” sprint – Vladimir Morozov, Russian, is in a sense the end of Greg in the 100 sl: cede the sprint of 2 cents, to Caeleb Dressel we believed until the last stroke and uses the mixed uncertainty weariness of gold stationed in California. The American, seven World Championship gold medals in long course, one believes and is rewarded, while the Russian is almost taken by the South African Chad Le Clos, bronze in 45 “89. The 4×50 sl women is the United States with “committed” Madison Kennedy dismissing of 52 cents with a championship record in 1’34 “03 the Dutch record holder of the now very tired Kromowidjojo-Heemskerk. frogs and backplate – The 200 breaststroke women are an all American affair: for 30 cents Annie Lazor in 2’18 “32 beats Bethany Galat.

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